December 03, 2007

Tolls : Farm Bureau in a snit with 39%

Let me preface this with a gentle reminder...

Farm Bureau endorsed 39% over Bell despite the fact that 39% was a huge proponent of both the TTC and NAIS, two hot button issues for the FB membership.

Farm Bureau is all upset because 39% is being a dick. Which is kind of funny to me since everyone already knew he was a dick and yet the FB endorsed him anyway last cycle. At issue now is 39%'s continued support for the TTC which FB continues to oppose. Why not endorse Bell last cycle?

No, before you go into a ton of laughter, actually ask that question while reflecting on the fact that 39% has NEVER waivered in his support for the Great Texas Land Grab and Rick's-Cronies-Loot-The-State project that IS the TTC. FB and it's membership, though not the political action committee, have always been opposed to the TTC. So, why endorse him? And why continue to bitch and moan about it?

Make no mistake, I don't have a lot of respect at this point for the political power of the Farm Bureau. They've sold out their own membership and the only way they'll get some respect is if they clean house at the PAC. Even then it's only 50/50 that they'll make the right moves to restore some respect.

Posted by mcblogger at December 3, 2007 09:43 AM

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