December 19, 2007

Thompson announces in HD46

With all the excitement about Dan Barrett's win up in Fort Worth, I forgot to mention I went to Brian Thompson's kickoff last night at Vivo. Great event, very well attended and the crowd looked like the district, thoroughly mixed, which goes to show that he is in fact drawing support from the major ethnic groups in the district. Ran into a few people I didn't expect to see and in general had a fabulous time thanks to the heavy pouring bartender.

The speech... Well, he's got great delivery skills and set the tone of the campaign last night. He's running against Dawnna's lackluster, also ran, legacy. Which is great because most of the people in 46 have no idea exactly what Dawnna's been up to and they really need that information. His fundraising is still going well and he's loaned his campaign enough money to match Dawnna's cash on hand.

Thompson hit on some good points last night...

1) We need to make major improvements to schools and curricula (had a nice chat with Richard Franklin about that same issue Monday night)
2) Fully funding CHIP
3) Enough with the toll road nonsense

Basically, a broadside against Dukes who has failed the district on all those issues and has, on many occasions, actually carried water for the other side.

On a lighter note, Elise Hu at KVUE did a report on Dawnna's spending habits last night. I missed it because I was in transit to the announcement party. However, the video is there when you click the link so you won't cry about not being able to see it. Here's one tasty morsel...

"We're just going to go back and clarify because I feel it's important to do so," Dukes said.

Nah... see, that's not really true. You are really correcting the reports because you got busted and, as filed, your current reports violate campaign finance laws. Over a period of six years no less.

Oh, and of all the staff and volunteers working on the campaign, Stephanie displayed a "unique selflessness in her decision to bravely man the table, even while the others moved inside to hear Brian's speech". So if you see her you should totally buy her a drink.

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Trey you're incredible...

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