December 16, 2007

Clarion Call

If there was ever a time for rational people who care about the well-being of Texas to step forward and run for school board positions, it’s now.

While the Texas progressive movement continues to find, train, and work on campaigns for progressive, liberal, and populist candidates for legislative positions, activists need to spend more time on finding qualified candidates for board positions, both locally and statewide. The fight for control of Texas education is at critical mass, and voters need to purge current board members and their underlings before it is too late.

On many levels, these positions are just as important as political ones since they hold the key in the education, or ineducation of our children.

Most likely, the candidates will have to come from outside the school system because current teachers and administrators who advocate and support the teaching of evolution are stifled, harassed or dismissed, while those who actually call ID and creationism an abomination against reason are subjected to character assassination. There’s nothing like being threatened with your job to keep you quiet.

As the state of science education in Texas descends into voodoo territory, thanks in part to The Institute for Creation Research, let’s do the roll call of those that need to go at the Texas SBOE – Terri Leo, Gail Lowe, Barbara Cargill, Geraldine Miller, Patricia Hardy, and Cynthia Dunbar. Yes, all women. There are white conservative males on the board, but their dogma is expected, and they will eventually come to their demise. That women hold that political ideology is more important than children’s education is deplorable.

However, the biggest pagan is Chair of SBOE and College Station dentist, Don “Is it safe” McLeroy, an outspoken Creationist and Intelligent Design Creationism activist.

A report by Steve Schafersman, president of Texas Citizens for Science about the shenanigans of TEA and McLeroy is comprehensive and beyond the coverage found in legacy media. Listening to the recorded presentation and reading the transcript of McLeroy’s anti-science bias is strongly recommended.

Some voices have speculated of the collusion between the ICR and the Texas SBOE in that McLeroy being appointed by Governor 39% and ICR moving to Texas are more than coincidental.

Though the MSM goes on to other matters, the science blogosphere continues the discussion. Wesley Elsberry at has more on the ongoing national debate.

Posted by Captain Kroc at December 16, 2007 04:44 PM

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