December 15, 2007

Catching up...

Sorry about not posting anything yet. Some of us are just waking up. AND QUIT SHOUTING AT ME, at least until I get the first bloody down.

  • Ronnie Earle is retiring. He's also not running for re-election. I'm kind of pissed because I really like the guy. Still, he's been in office, what, 30 years? After that kind of run, you deserve some time off. Thank you, Mr. Earle for your service.

    God help us with the clusterfuck of campaigns that are about to start to replace him. What are there, six possible candidates? Ronnie, you couldn't have waited until Feb 1st just to have saved us some pain?

  • According to the Kronberg, AG Abbott has 'no opinion' on CradDICK's theft of power in the House. CradDICK is saying Abbott agrees with him. Which we really couldn't find,other than some bullshit about the Speaker being an officer of the State. Brooks has more on the timing of the release. Hermana, you're going to have to find way to do this crap from a blackberry!

    180 days. 31 pages. No decision. Is there ANY doubt in ANYONE'S mind at this point that Wheelie is thoroughly incompetent? It's largely irrelevant since this old bastard won't be Speaker in January, 2009. The fun will be after that... will the members actively shun him and work against everything until he resigns? Y'all better.

  • That special election up in FW is STILL set for Tuesday so get your ass in gear if you're in DFW...GO HELP DAN BARRETT!
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