November 11, 2007

You're running for Governor? Seriously?

OK, other than KBH, let me take a moment to rain down shit all over the little parade the Republicans have going as to who will be their candidate in 2010...

Dan Bartlett - BARRING an incident in which he saves a school bus full of elementary kids from a fiery death, no chance. ZILCH. He has as much chance of being Governor has he does being named Man of the Year by the Gitmo Prisoners Association.

Karen Hughes - Oh. Come. On. Even her suburban soccer mom 'constituency' would just as soon run her down with their minivans as vote for her.

Don Evans - Who? The guy who announces things on SNL? Or is he the dead guy who played opposite Tim Conway and Andy Griffith in some lame thing?

Margaret Spellings - Sure. Right. Only if she starts doing her hair like PinkLady's boss who we aren't allowed to mention because we'll make fun of his hair.

KBH is the only one in the bunch who won't get slapped around by the Democrat. Or Kinky.

Posted by mcblogger at November 11, 2007 05:22 PM

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