November 18, 2007

Why do you people even bother?

Austin's malevolent City Manager, Toby Futrell, has survived another attempt by some members of the City Council to usurp some of her power.

The issue was an obscure one but with obvious repercussions. Should city council members have the authority to hire the city’s attorney, who is currently appointed by… you guess it, the city manager? Lee Leffingwell and Mike Martinez said yes and suggested letting voters decide for ourselves next May. Even Jennifer Kim eventually signed on.

Back in the pre-Futrell era, voters had rejected a similar proposal. But proponents were betting that Austin has had quite enough of Toby’s tyranny and that taking control over the city attorney who gives the city manager legal cover would be a good thing. You know, accountability, separation of powers, all that stuff.

But don’t count on it. Sheryl Cole sprang to life long enough to lobby for keeping things as cozy as they are. Lame ducks Will Wynn and Betty Dunkerley were in her corner. Brewster McCracken’s vote gave them the majority, and the proposal died a quiet death.

The issue was decided in a cage match that featured He Who Stands Up To Toby, fighting for his life along with the other strong council members while the weak ones (Brewster, Cole, Wynn and Red Tag Betty) caved in and were whimpering in the corner. Once the fighting was over, Brewster proudly removed one of his kidneys to present as a treat to Toby.

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