November 07, 2007

What... were y'all, DRUNK?!?!

The results of the election on the Constitutional Amendments are here. I seriously don't get this...some of you need to stop huffing gold spray paint. I very clearly told you to vote against the Governor's 'Cancer Research' slush fund and TXDoT's 'Bend over, baby' bond issue. Some of you clearly got confused. Which makes you stupid.

Pink Dome has an exhaustive list of other races around the state and the US. Phillip over at BOR has some great information on Dan Barrett's race in Fort Worth. He's in a runoff with some CradDICK Republican asshat.

In other news that matters maybe not so much to you, Melissa Noriega made Roy Morales her bitch. Again. Roy, if you keep putting yourself in a position to get fucked I'm totally sending you a dildo so you can enjoy it all the time, not just election day! The Trinity Toll Road vote failed which means Dallas taxpayers really are as dumb as a box of rocks. By a margin of 53%-47%, voters decided that a tollway was OK with them in the middle of a park. And that they also liked Terri Hodge's brill pomise of 30,000+ jobs for Southern Dallas.

Gromer Jeffers at the DMN calls out the winners and losers. While I like Gromer a lot, he's way off base on Hunt being a loser as a result of the vote. It was her vs. EVERYONE in a race that found her opponents with 8 times the money she raised. Even still, she came within 3.1% of victory? With everything working against her?

Yeah, Gromer, the election may not have been decided the way she wanted but she just became the most powerful person in North Texas politics. Just watch this and tell me you don't see it.

Hunt has something that's very rare in Dallas County... integrity and tenacity. If I were a member of the 'Dallas business elite' I'd be trying to get a meeting with her ASAP. Before she decides to pick on you individually.

Posted by mcblogger at November 7, 2007 11:26 AM

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