November 05, 2007

They're coming to America

I don't think I've ever mentioned this before, but I really dislike Neil Diamond. However, I don't dislike him as much as I hate the people demagoguing the immigration issue. To luminaries like Tom Tancredo and John Cornyn, I'd only direct one question... is YOUR fat ass going to get out in a field and harvest food? More than your ridiculous chest thumping about all these illegals and Rudy 9/11's bullshit about abortion and immigration, that's the goddamn question I want answered. The reality is few if any Americans want to work seasonal ag jobs because it's seasonal which means that while it pays well, it's not consistent and you end up living a nomadic lifestyle. I'm certain that these three Republican douchebags are like the rest of us, not too keen on picking strawberries. Or lettuce.

People that don't understand agriculture are the ones I hear first and foremost bitch about illegal immigrants who are nothing more, on balance, than folks looking for a better life. These people pay taxes, even federal taxes, despite the fact that they are not citizens of this country. They do not 'drain' our resources, nor do they depress wages...

But Torrey says she offers good working conditions, and provides housing and a 401(k) plan for her workers. Workers start at $7.15 an hour, and the average wage on the farm is $10.95 to $11.95 per hour. "It doesn't matter if I raise wages," says Torrey. "We just don't have the population base. There's no one out there."

But McBlogger... how COULD that pay federal taxes if they're illegal? Well, dumbass, it's because employers require an SSN. For illegals, it's usually fake. However, that doesn't stop withholding for FICA, Medicare and SS. This completely ignores the fact that local and state sale taxes are paid by everyone, including illegals.

The real issue is whether you want to import food or labor. I'd rather import the labor.

The only debate on immigration is the one being driven by really stupid people who don't get reality and have no sense of history (the rest of us 'get it'). This country has always grown and prospered on the work of immigrants who eventually become a part of us. With that said, if all you have is the same old bullshit we've been hearing, do us all a favor and STFU.

Posted by mcblogger at November 5, 2007 10:40 AM

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