November 29, 2007

Striving for relevance, or, What Karl's Doing These Days

It's just sad as hell when you see a puppy run over on the side of the road. It's almost as heartbreaking as seeing a buttertroll working so hard to get the attention and admiration of others. Tuesday, Karl was in Tyler talking to some folks about issues like immigration, immigration and immigration. Specifically, he talked about the OTM's. What are they? Why they are the people crossing the border OTHER THAN MEXICANS. Get it? Karl's a master at creating stupid acronyms. He's also a master at calling everyone from a country south of the US border a Mexican. I wonder what Guatemalans think about all that?

No, y'all, I wasn't in the room. But I had a bunch of friends there. That's how I know y'all on the other side are having some fundraising problems.

Karl's also busy with his new gig at Newsweek where he took time to talk about how to beat Hillary. In it, he tells a story about some mirror in his office that he 'inherited' from Hillary Clinton. I wonder if the shine off his forehead ever blinded him when he looked into it to see his ever expanding gut. The story's mundane as hell and nothing more than him blaming Hillary for his own vanity (dude... we remember the way Hillary looked in the 90's. It was DAMN obvious she didn't have access to a mirror). His advice for beating Hillary is call her brittle. I think that will only make her hit back harder. Karl's got a pudgy belly which makes me think it will hurt. Of course, I'll laugh (so will you) when he's doubled over in pain.

Finally, there was his recent appearance on Charlie Rose during which he blamed Congress for Iraq. No, it wasn't part of some elaborate joke. Just more creative story telling from a master. The folks at HuffPo, via PRoS, have more on the bald lie that Karl told.

Posted by mcblogger at November 29, 2007 11:23 AM

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