November 04, 2007

Schumer and Feinstein cave

Political reality is not something that Chuckie Schumer is comfortable with. Neither is Diane Feinstein who has functionally become the Western Joe Lieberman. Torture, on the other hand, is A-OK with the Senators who are now falling over themselves to support AG candidate Mukasey whose prevarication on torture is a real cause for concern.

Not to mention that politically it's a loser because it hands a victory to what should be a wholly irrelevant President. Some have said 'Bush is attacking them for doing nothing on Mukasey! They had to do something!'. Those people are idiots... SHOW me the polling that says Bush's hits are landing. Show me a poll that says anything other than 'Disregard the President'. You wanna know why Congressional approval numbers, even for D's, are in the toilet? WEAKNESS.

Needless to say, if you want to know why a solid Democratic agenda is not moving forward and why Bush seems able now, at will, to slap Congress around, you have only to look at Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein.

So, I'd like to ask your help... it's not so much but it'll at least help me feel like I'm doing something. Hopefully you'll feel the same way. Cut support for the DCCC and DSCC. Support individual candidates in elections. Ask them, point blank, how they feel about compromise for the sake of compromise? Ask them if they know how to fight when something is important. It's obvious Schumer and Feinstein don't. Let's not forget that marginalizing the DCCC and DSCC won't have much of an impact... it's not like their brill strategies won 2006. It was people being fed up that won 2006. Don't ever make the mistake of confusing luck with skill. There is precious little of the latter at either organization.

So, there is always, the why. Well, Mukasey was Schumer's compromise candidate. Problem is, like most things Chuck Schumer does, he did a piss poor job vetting this guy and now has to stick with him lest he lose face. Seriously, you think bloggers and activists are petty? Try a member of Congress, especially a Senator like Chuckie who wants to think of himself as the intellectual heir to Daniel Patrick Moynihan (he's the only who thinks that, by the way). As for Feinstein, she's just senile. Seriously, someone ask that old woman to retire. She needs to be in assisted living, not Congress. But I digress... what was the issue on this? Was there another reason for being 'terrified of this debate'? Terrorism and the Democratic fear of that debate. Wimps.

Many Republicans, however, are happy to have the Mukasey debate turn into a high-profile showdown over the treatment of terrorism suspects and contended that this is profitable terrain for the party. "Democrats are demonstrating their weaknesses on security matters, which will work to their disadvantage," said Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.).

Norman Ornstein, a scholar on Congress at the American Enterprise Institute, agreed that Republicans would "much rather be dealing with who's tougher on terrorists." But he also noted that Mukasey, who has no political ties to Bush, could turn into an independent force within the administration. Bush has won, Ornstein said, without being able to know precisely what he will get.

Y'all, we gotta get Cornyn out of Washington. He's just too old and too scared of terrorists. He'll give up anything, any right, for the illusion of protection from terrorism. He's the very definition of cowardice. And while we're on the subject of cowardice, what the hell is hte Washington Post doing referring to ANYONE who works at the American Enterprise Institute as a scholar? Heres how the first sentence of the second graf should have read...

"Norman Ornstein, a spokesperson on Congress for the right wing American Enterprise Institute, agreed that Republicans would "much rather be dealing with who's tougher on terrorists." "

Soooo not hard. But, again, I'm off topic.

Until the Democrats in Congress learn to speak with one voice and understand that compromise, while not a dirty word, is only acceptable after you beat the holy shit out of your opponent, we're going to keep being marginalized. While the Republicans are uniformly cowards, willing to hand over freedom for the illusion of security, there are a few Democrats who are weak and unable to really fight for what's important. Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein are two of those people. Support candidate who will pledge to marginalize these two, seniority be damned.

And quit being scared to have the terrorism debate. Whether you believe it or not, more than 50% of the voters in this country get it and we're tired of watching you cave in for assumed political expediency. Make the Republicans eat their cowardice and fear.

We're done being scared. You should be too, Chuck.

Posted by mcblogger at November 4, 2007 10:50 AM

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