November 01, 2007

Predictions : You'll lose every challenge, CradDICK

Some people never cease to amaze me... via EOW comes information about CradDICK's plan to challenge those who challenged him. The Statesman, being The Statesman, thinks it's serious. Mostly because here in Austin CradDICK is feared much like the now inane Karl Rove. People in the rest of the state would just as soon throw a punch into his face as shake his hand and say Hi.

Think I'm lying? Check out the polling on this douchebag. He's the political equivalent of telling people you'll be storing radioactive waste in their backyards... while you're fucking their pets. All anyone has to do is get the word out that CradDICK is trying to beat them up and any challenger dumb enough to file will be crushed. Probably under one of those road repair rollers.

Paper tigers are a pain in the ass, but not much more. Just ask Tommy Merritt who is about to OWN his 2006 CradDICK sponsored challenger.

Posted by mcblogger at November 1, 2007 08:39 PM

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