November 28, 2007

New group formed to fuck up mass transit

As if Cap Metro didn't have enough problems...

CAMPO has decided to involve itself in mass transit by creating a new 'working group' composed of mostly retards so full of themselves and their stupid ideas that it's pretty clear no one takes the issue of moving Central Texans around seriously. Honestly, out of the names announced in Wear's article, only Wynn stands out as someone who could get things done, though we've recently been kind of shocked by his capitulation to The Evil. Honestly, if you wanted to do something to accelerate the development of mass transit in Austin metro, these are not the fuckos you'd task with the job:

  • Senator Kirk Watson - Oh, hell. He's too busy voting for toll roads that won't relieve congestion, lobbying the city for development lulu's and writing those asinine emails detailing the activities of his family. No joke, Kirk, I think it's gross as hell and frankly no one cares. Most people don't care about their own families and trust me, yours is even less important to them.

    Other than that, Kirk's not a bad guy. He just shouldn't be doing this. He should be working with Democrats in the House to get a good transportation funding bill ready for the 2009 Session.

  • Austin Councilmember Brewster 'Release the' McCracken - Every committee needs a weak sister and in Austin, Brewster is normally it. My only concern is that something of this scale and scope will obviously require a lot of face time in front of cameras and many working lunches with reporters. I only hope Brewster is up to the challenge. Personally, I think he is since what Brewster does best is promote Brewster (his second best talent is running from Toby). Of course, he'll forget about promoting mass transit development, but that's to be expected. Brewster is, after all, running for Mayor and he needs to remind people why they need him. You know, since many of his think he's more hindrance than help.
  • Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketTravis County Pct. 3 Commissioner Gerald Daugherty - Fuckall. This 'tard hates public transport more than he hates the 'goddamn commies' who he thinks we're still fighting. He's another political dead man walking... Daugherty wouldn't be missed if he lost his re-election next year which he probably will as part of a project to beautify the Commissioner's Court by removing him from it. Gerry, why don't you follow Mikey's lead and retire. God knows, it'll cause some tears. OF JOY.

  • Retiring State Representative Mike Krusee - OH. COME. ON. He's throwing in the towel and taking some time off from all the hard work he's done to privatize infrastructure in this state to benefit private corporations at the expense of Texas taxpayers. Why would he want to get into this? He's no more an advocate for public transportation than Gerry The Ogre. In fact, Krusee and Daugherty on this thing makes me think CAMPO isn't, in any way, serious about mass transportation.
  • Seriously, you people never thought about tasking Capital Metro with developing it's own working group from stakeholders and letting them develop a plan that addresses the needs of the citizens of Central Texas? If funding is the issue, then why the hell was everyone so excited about all the new funding that would come into Cap Metro from CAMPO's new toll roads?

    At a recent Keep Austin Blue meeting on transportation issues, someone brought up just this very thing. It's obvious that all the stakeholders need to come together and get something done. Cap Metro, given it's task of operating mass transit systems (including rail) should lead that effort. Not people like Brewster and Gerry The Ogre.

    Posted by mcblogger at November 28, 2007 12:15 PM

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