November 02, 2007

Melissa Francis (hearts) Buttertroll

Yeah, I'm pretty much done with CNBC. Why? UT Permian Basin had Rove as a speaker last night and guess who flew all the way from New Jersey to interview him? None other than CNBC bobblehead Melissa Francis. Given that Francis redefines weak as a reporter, the 'interview' was really nothing more than an open ended dissertation from Rove that...

1) Democrats will raise your taxes
2) Raising taxes on the rich will be a disaster (they said the same thing in 86 and 93... wasn't right either time. Of course, Rove lies so openly and earnestly that it's not really surprising)
3) Hillary will cost you an additional $2300 per year

And Francis, being the weak school girl reporter she's always been (why do they employ her? No brains and only mediocre looks... she must be very cost efficient. Or maybe she's blowing someone in management at CNBC), doesn't call him on any of it or offer counterpoints. Rove could not have produced a better propaganda piece.

Melissa, sweets, let me clue you in on something... Rove is so thoroughly discredited that it's even offensive for you to interview him.

Oh, and CNBC. Your loss is Bloomberg's gain. Have a goodun!

Posted by mcblogger at November 2, 2007 09:40 AM

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