November 09, 2007

It's OK, Hans. We know you're a tard.

No one's ever accused Hans Klinger of being smart. Except maybe TinaFish who is, herself, quite the mongo.

Hans, the spokeskitten for the Texas Republican Party, yesterday dropped what he thought would be THA BOMB on the Noriega Campaign. Unfortunately for dear, sweet, dumb as a post Hans, he hit only one of the fundraising links. You'll have to excuse Hans because in addition to having an IQ of 71, he really doesn't understand this 'online fundraising through the tubes' thing. Like many Republicans, he doesn't know that fundraising links usually aggregate as part of a coordinated effort (we did the same thing during the Q3 fundraiser) to one page. It's why Republicans suck at it, much like they do at governing and balancing budgets.

Before Hans was set straight, he did get picked up by R. G. Ratcliffe over at the Chron blog. R. G. bought it hook, line and sinker and even kept defending the piece all afternoon. A word of advice... make sure you're right before you post something. You could have picked up that link at anytime. We all knew about it.

Oh, and Hans, instead of trying to play GOTCHA! with people who are smarter than you, why not try defending your party's lame ass candidate?

Posted by mcblogger at November 9, 2007 01:26 AM

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