November 08, 2007

It's back to the OC...

Well, season 3 of 'The Real Housewives Of The O.C.' premiered this week , and all seems well. It appears they followed basic logic, and gave little Josephine the boot. I wish I could say that I am sorry to see her go, but nope. And BONUS, her absence guarantees a Sladeless season, so yay us!

Vicki is back and with her everything that is gross and wildly inappropriate. She is such a fucking emotional terrorist with her kids. This modern day Medea's weapon of choice is the pocketbook. She merrily handed the keys of a Mercedes to her daughter, Briana, for the small price of controlling every aspect of her life. Poor Briana. Heaven knows that girl is more normal than she has any right to be. It's not just that Vicki wants to live her life through her daughter. She wants to burrow up her asshole. And is it just me, or is Vicki jealous of Briana's boyfriend? She is so creepy with this shit that I felt my skin crawl during that awful/painful/sick lunch date. Yuck.

Tammy is a far different enabler/mother. Her two girls have recently lost their father. They are obviously having difficulty with it which sucks. Bummer. What's really a crapper is, with no last will and testament, their dad's young Thai bride gets everything. It seems the mail order wench wasted no time in showing her beloved stepdaughters the door. Not a bummer, because, frankly, I find it somewhat amusing.

Speaking of brides, Lauri is still headed down the aisle with dumb as a box of hair George. I've said it before, but what a fucking mark! She thinks someone was watching over her when she met George. I'm sure it was the divine Goddess of Mammoplasty. So basically, they are planning the wedding, and blending their two families. The girls are getting along great. No mention of Lauri's son, but my money is on contract killing. When Lauri speculates on her future marital happiness, she must see her son as the black stone rune in the divining bag.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketNot that she is the only one with questionable kids. Jeana is back and breaking out of her shell. I must admit, she has kinda grown on me. However, her sons are still repulsive. It takes a mother to greet Shane's return with such enthusiasm. Most would find it akin to a herpes outbreak, but whatever. Poor Cara is the only saving grace. It seems both boys are complete assholes. Growing up with that shitty father must have been like attending a charm school but in reverse.

The real event is the debut of the latest housewife, Tamra. She's turning 40, but still believes she is the hottest housewife in the O.C. Admittedly, she is pretty hot, be it in a 'ho for sho' kinda way. I find her somewhat yawn inducing. Oh, and what was with her 21 year old son running around with her underwear? Her response? "You punk." Huh?... Anyway, I am still optimistic. She looks like she might be luscious, so that's good. Looks like we are in for a great season! Cheers!

Posted by barfly at November 8, 2007 05:44 PM

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