November 30, 2007

Cheap bastards

A new group, made up of a bunch of total assholes who claim to speak for Texas businesses, has started up a campaign to overturn the new business tax which replaced the useless franchise tax. The same business tax that the state hasn't even started to collect.

Radio ads in San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and Houston draw on tidal waves and scary movies to make a point about something they paint as just as frightening: Texas' new business tax.

"It's the difference between a tiny drop and a tidal wave. Because of the new Texas Margins Tax, small-business owners may see a slight drop in property taxes, but their business tax will increase up to 1,000 percent," says the script for one of the ads by the National Federation of Independent Business.

Well, holy fucking shit! Consider this... most companies get abatements and don't own property. They lease it. Most of those don't even pay franchise tax. Which means they functionally pay DICKALL to help support the state. Oh, they'll use the free roads and hire people educated in our schools and demand the police and fire dept. protect them. But pay for those services? Fuck no. That's for us regular schmucks.

Architects of the new tax, which won't be collected until May, say they need to see how it works before making more changes. Lawmakers aren't due back in regular session until January 2009, so Gov. Rick Perry — a champion of the tax package — would have to call a special session for them to consider changing the law before then.

The new business tax, which replaced the franchise tax, is based on gross receipts — either 1 percent or half a percent, depending on the type of business — with deductions for cost of goods sold or employee benefits.

Backers say the new tax is fairer, bringing businesses into the system that weren't paying. They say companies that will owe higher business taxes must also look at whether that's offset by lower local school tax rates. They cite adjustments made this year meant to benefit smaller businesses.

"The goal ... is to keep Texas business-friendly," said Rep. Jim Keffer, R-Eastland, chairman of the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee. "We certainly in the Legislature strove to protect small business."

Keffer bristles at the ads, contending that NFIB/Texas "did not come and really try to work with us on any of this. Pretty much they were against the whole process."

You fucking people have no political power and all you're doing is whining about paying ANY taxes. Fuck y'all. Be happy no one's asking you to pay what you SHOULD be paying. Just wait until citizens start boycotting ANY business that participates in this retarded campaign.

Posted by mcblogger at November 30, 2007 12:09 PM

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