November 05, 2007

Channeling Mark Twain...

Suppose you were an idiot. Suppose you were a Senator from Texas. But I repeat myself.

Our two retard Senators have been busy talking to folks and the press. Senator Cornyn the Undead was in the Statesman, making about as much sense as two year old.

Q. Update us on your thinking on the war in Iraq.
A. I think he’s (President Bush) got it about right on the war, as painful as that is. The threat that we are experiencing today is complicated and I think people are confused. But, to me, the core of it is an ideology that justifies the killing of civilians to pursue its goals and it’s manifested in a number of places in a number of ways. … But whether it’s Hamas, al Qaeda, or Hezbollah or the Iranian state sponsors of terrorism, I think it’s a common threat.

People are confused? The only one who doesn't get it is you, Senator. You're clearly living in the same fantasy land that your boyfriend is living in. Quit making it easy for Democrats... we WANT a challenge, you asshat. That way when we beat the shit out of you, you won't be able to say you pulled your punches.

Then there was the irredeemably stupid Kay Bailey who has apparently been sniffing glue in Washington.

“I am most troubled by the people in Washington ... who think it’s [the war] over there and not going to affect us here. These terrorists want to tear down our way of life. [If the soldiers left the Middle East], the consequences are a serious threat to America.”

Yeah, Kay, we fucking get it. Unlike you, we're Texans. We don't scare like a bunch of little old ladies. Wait. Even little old ladies don't scare like our wimp of a Senator. Damn, Kay, sac the fuck up.

Then she decided to move on to a topic she knows even less about than being courageous and brave, energy...

Energy was another topic she expounded upon, noting that the country relies heavily on foreign sources.

“Sixty percent of our foreign sources are not necessarily friends,” she said. “We cannot rely on others. We’ve got to explore and drill in our country.”

She explained that America is in a better position to do that now because of the ability to drill deeper and more economically as well as alternative sources such as the procurement of ethanol from corn, grass and mesquite trees. She also touched on the possibility of utilizing wind power.

Fuckall, Kay. What are you running for? Master Of The Obvious? Of course we can't rely on them... that's why we've been trying to get renewables up and running which you and your Republican friends have done dick about. Why? Because you're dumb enough to think you can drill the US out of energy dependency? THE OIL ISN'T THERE YOU STUPID OLD WOMAN.


What's the deal? Can you only hold office as a Republican if your IQ is less than 80?!?! You morons keep talking about drilling our way out of peak oil as if you've got a set of really phat geologicals showing a 2 trillion bbl pool someone in the continental US. AND I KNOW YOU DON'T HAVE THAT!

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