November 13, 2007

Calling Bullshit : TSA to make travel even worse

Just when you thought air travel in the US couldn't be any shittier, TSA is planning to implement some ridiculous program called 'secure flight' to restrict Americans from traveling with the permission of our government. First 100,000 on flight restrictions, now some douchebag asking me for my 'travel authorization'?

To travel overseas, American Citizens will have to be cleared by Homeland Security. Get it? You will need permission from the Government to leave the country or enter. Now in case you are younger than me, you may not have learned the history lesson taught when I was a child. It was the story of Germany in the 1930’s and that fatal day when the Nazis began controlling who left and entered Germany. It was the beginning of the “final solution” and that should be something you do know about.

I am not saying that the US government has any such plans for a “solution” but the idea of having to have all my travel cleared by the Government makes me angry and sad at the same time. How could our lawmakers, the people we elected do this to us? Easy, they are easy dupes for this kind of thing. Wrap a bad law in a patriotic name and the Congress will vote for it rather than to have to explain to their constituents what it means.

The reality is that this isn't leading us to totalitarian government. It's just STUPID and the Democrats in Congress should do everything they can to stop it. Oh, sure, the Republicans will stand with the President against the American people. But it's important that the Democrats take a stand on this. And then beat the Republicans to DEATH at the polls with it.

Posted by mcblogger at November 13, 2007 06:30 PM

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