November 14, 2007

Ari's been busy...

Ari Fleischer, the PR shill who used to work for the Bush Administration, is now running a group called Freedom's Watch which is made up of talentless Republicans sycophants who can't make a living doing ad work in the real world and instead chose to live off the donor's teat. We did a thing about this back in August when the scummy Fleischer decided to use wounded vets and the families of the fallen as props to browbeat Democrats in television ads. The ploy didn't work.

So, they started running ads in newspapers.

After two relatively quiet months, Freedom's Watch is back. The ads running today target Speaker Nancy Pelosi and seven freshman House Democrats, and mirror a $15 million television ad campaign launched this past summer.

They are timed, a Freedom's Watch spokesman said, to pressure the House members to vote against upcoming legislation that would set a goal for withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq.

"Freedom's Watch believes members in these districts need to be held accountable for their upcoming vote on funding our troops," said spokesman Matt David in an e-mail to the Huffington Post. "Constituents in these districts deserve more than partisan politics when it comes to funding our troops. It is time for Congress to show resolve, to put aside politics and to unite behind victory."

Like earlier Freedom's Watch TV commercials, the print ads feature a dour Marine Sgt. Andrew Robinson, who is a paraplegic after falling victim to a June 2006 improvised explosive device attack in Iraq.

Wow. It takes some kind of guts to stand up for what you believe and I salute you for it, Freedom's Watch. It takes balls to hide behind a wounded vet and use him to make a political point.

Unite behind victory? WE WON IN 2003. What we fucked up is the peace and there is no solid evidence that things are now suddenly going well. Things are QUIET and most of the ethnic cleansing is over because one side killed the other. And our troops are still in the middle of a civil war, no matter how quiet it's become.

Sgt. Robinson, I appreciate your service. However, I disagree with you absolutely on this and think it's reprehensible you'd allow yourself to be used by a guy like Ari Fleischer. He was one of the people who LIED about WMD's. Don't forget, for a second, that the people you are now helping are the same ones who like to make fun of wounded vets.

And yes, when it's politically expedient, they'll turn on you too.

Posted by mcblogger at November 14, 2007 09:17 AM

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