October 01, 2007

Tolls : Big news on anti-TTC efforts; Krusee's still with CradDICK and more

  • Stewards of the Range in cooperations with the American Land Foundation have aided four Texas cities in a coordinated effort to stop the TTC.

    Texans have finally found a way to fight the Trans-Texas Corridor (TTC) by requiring the government agencies to comply with the coordination requirement found in state and federal law.

    On Friday, August 24, 2007, the four cities of Bartlett, Holland, Little River-Academy, and Rogers sent notification letters to the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDoT), Governor Rick Perry, and Attorney General Greg Abbott, informing them that they had formed a commission under the authority of Chapter 391 of the Texas Local Government Code and were demanding the agency now coordinate all studies, plans and management activities with the Commission on the Trans-Texas Corridor.

  • Our good friends at TURF, Terri Hall and Hank Gilbert, have been busy as well, filing suit to stop TXDoT from spending taxpayer money on a propoganda campaign aimed at 'selling' the TTC to Texans.

    TURF founder Terri Hall says, "Between TxDOT's PR campaign, report to Congress asking that all limitations on tolling be lifted including buying back existing interstates, and chairman Ric Williamson's recent trip to D.C. lobbying for the same, it's clear they've not only crossed the line into illegal lobbying, but they leaped over it. The citizens of Texas are fed up with TxDOT's blatant disregard for the public's disdain of toll roads and their infinite attempts to cram toll roads down our throats using TAXPAYER MONEY to do it! It's high time someone puts a stop to it!"

    The TRO they had requested was shut down on Wednesday, but the PR value alone is incredible as more and more people learn that TXDoT is using taxpayer money to promote something opposed by more than 60% of Texans.

  • Mike Krusee is having a fundraiser that will be headlined by none other than Speaker CradDICK and 39%. PLEASE someone go and take pix. Could Maldanado really be this lucky? Is Krusee really this stupid? Come on, Mikey... we're going to beat the hell out of you anyway. Why make it easy for us?
  • Doublepaying your toll? Yeah, apparently we aren't alone. More fuckups on the incredible CTRMA toll road system (brought to you by some really stupid decision making).

    There’s no mention of how TxDOT actually arrives at that number. I think most taxpayers/toll payers would prefer an independent audit to see how often this is really happening. Thre’s no mention about what they’re doing to fix the problem. Just a glitch, oh well, deal with it. The other thing that I didn’t find in this article was whose responsibility it is for finding who gets “tagged” by the glitch? If a driver gets double charged and never notices, does TxDOT get to keep the money? More than likely that was part of the fine print when acquiring a TxTag. Here’s Mr. Davis again.

    This is an extremely interesting story coming a little more than a week before CAMPO is set to vote to massively expand tolling across Central Texas. The lawsuit is proceeding forward.

  • You may have seen an email from Hairdo bragging about her bill to keep tolls off publicly owned roads. Turns out, she wrote that bill full of loopholes so large they could pass a city bus.

    Texas senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson (Repub) has now issued a statement claiming that none of her “toll prohibition bills” really prohibit tolling! A statement of Sept 12 from her office says: “Efforts to toll newly constructed lanes or new highways would not be prohibited in Sen Hutchinson’s amendment (S AMDT 2825 to HR3074), or in S2109 or HR3510.”

    “I’ve long believed that if local communities and the state want to come together and build a toll road, they should be able to do it,” she is quoted.

    So do we. The problem is, a small minority wants the tolls. The rest of us just want the roads and we want you to use the most sensible funding option, the indexed gas tax, to pay for them. We don't want it privatized. Hairdo is, of course, running for Governor on a platform of completely ignoring the transportation needs of the citizens of Texas (how much do we get back in federal gas tax dollars?). Of course, unless the Democrat who runs against her goes really nasty then she'll probably win. And hopefully have a meaner than a rottweiler Democratic Lege to deal with.

  • It's also worth noting that we have now spent enough on this stupid war in Iraq to have rebuilt our crumbling infrastructure. Across the entire country. Without tolls.

    Posted by mcblogger at October 1, 2007 08:58 AM

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