October 23, 2007

Early Voting (or, Is it Fall already?)

Early voting started yesterday apparently and we missed it. If you're in the Austin area, just go to Randalls and be done with it. You can also pick me up a pack of cigarettes while you're there (I LOVE holding up the line for cigarettes... it's SOOO annoying).

If you're looking for how to vote, EOW has some great links up to a variety of sources (I would totally plagiarize but I haven't got that kind of time). Here's how I'm voting...

1-3 YES

4-6 NO - Prop 5 is the dumbest. No more tax breaks for businesses. If your business plan only works through some ridiculous tax scheme, then you need to reprice and increase your margins.

7-11 YES

12 - Road Bonds. NO. Is accountability just not an issue for you folks? General revenue? Come on. The Lege and the Lege alone needs to fix transportation financing, especially before we give the state the authority to issue another $5 bn when the first $3 bn we authorized a few years ago hasn't even been issued. Oh, and let's not forget the unreliability of the Texas Transportation Commission's numbers regarding the funding gap and the fact that TXDoT's estimate is based on what it cost to eliminate all congestion, all the time.

Nah, vote against this turkey and let the Lege know that it's time for real solutions, not gimmicks.

13-15 NO. The possibility of abuse is too great on 13. 14 gets tired, old people off the bench (let's be honest, some of these folks have to have one foot in the grave before they'll leave). 15 is a slush fund for 39%, just like the Texas Enterprise Fund we approved a few years back. Not to mention that we'll be paying over $1.6 Bn in interest on these bonds and that $3 bn is a drop in the bucket compared to what's being spent elsewhere. What about just budgeting the money with the surplus?

16 - NO. I'm so glad they saved this for last... this is the 'Shitty Developer Bail-Out Amendment'. Basically, a developer builds a subdivision on raw land and doesn't put in adequate water and wastewater facilities. That's what the State is now asking us to cover the cost of improving. Nope. A better idea would have been to create an responsibility on the part of the developer to improve the facilities at cost. And allowed homeowners to sue the shit out of them if they don't. The idea that companies can not or should not be sued into bankruptcy has created a big problem in business ethics which is that it's more cost effective to do the wrong thing. That's gotta change and this isn't what the Lege should have sent to us.

More on this at the Star-Telegram...

Posted by mcblogger at October 23, 2007 11:19 AM

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You have the best analysis, so far, of the TPA bloggers.

Posted by: TXsharon [TypeKey Profile Page] at October 29, 2007 09:02 AM

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