October 16, 2007


It appears, according to EOW, that Mikee Krusee, TTC Chair Dick Williamson and a jelly doughnut who goes by the name John Carona had a lovefest where they talked about their plans for transportation infrastructure and pledged to work together.

The gist? Williamson's not completely giving up on the corporate welfare scheme known as public/private partnerships and corporate tolling. Carona is saying he'll work to get the gas tax up. Krusee is saying the public doesn't want it. In other words, screw the taxpayer, lie about what you're planning and lie about what can be done.

As EOW astutely points out, the fear of raising the gas tax is not that of public ire. It's simply a lack of political will on the part of the Republicans. That'll change early in 2009 when a new Democratic legislature convenes. But let's go back to the three dicks pleasuring one another...

Indeed, this morning’s talk on the future of transportation funding in Texas found the men sharing much more common ground than bones of contention, leading Carona at one point to describe the talk as “a love fest.”

Yes, yes. We get it, John. You love Dick. And Mikee. Neat.

Krusee, though, pointed out that his amendment last session to index the gas tax went down in flames. The problem is that the public just doesn’t want to pay for roads, he said. They shot down reform of the gas tax as well as public-private toll partnerships. That leaves bonding as the only way to finance roads, but that method also has problems as it pushes the costs to future generations, he said.

Oh, no, the public does want to pay for roads. The public wasn't asked to vote on this, the Lege was.

Carona said that he agreed with the over the horizon ideas presented by his counterparts but that to convince lawmakers to change course on transportation should be done in baby steps – and on a biennial basis. He added that the Big Three – Perry, Dewhurst and Craddick– must push transportation funding in a more prominent manner. Big changes in public policy only happen when the state’s leadership support them, Carona said. “It’s important for them to make public statements on this,” he said. “We need their help.”

OK, John, reality check. CradDICK isn't going to be speaker in January, 2009. The Senate can work without Dewhearse. Which leaves only 39% as a roadblock. In other words, half the job is going to be done for you by the Democrats just taking back the House. So what the hell are you whining about? You need whose help?

Three Republicans. Three excuses. No solutions. Time to make some big changes in 2008. Starting with Krusee.

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