September 22, 2007

SD 10 : Candidates galore

A little over a month ago, Todd Hill at BOR posted on the candidates possibly considering a race for SD 10. This has become an important race because it's winnable (the Republican incumbent is Brimer. Seriously, running against him is like running against a pile of nuclear waste) and, as Fort Worth begins it's demographic shift, it's holdable.

Here are the canidates we've heard of so far.

  • Wendy Davis - While we don't know much about Wendy, we do know she's a TTC shill and big advocate for irresponsible toll road financing schemes that bleed taxpayers dry. As bad as Brimer according to some sources, Wendy is formerly of the Fort Worth City Council where she was very undistinguished (kind of like Austin's own Brewster McCracken). In 2002 readers of the Fort Worth Weekly chose her as the most likely Candidate for Alien Abduction. They also chose her as the Politician Most Likely To Sell Grandma To The Highest Bidder.

    Who can forget her tear jerking performance in defense of the sale of TX-121 to Cintra? Apparently, the prospect of not selling a toll road to foreign entity was just soooo upsetting to dear sweet Wendy that she just broke down and cried. Just what we need, another Pat Schroeder.

  • Art Brender - Current Chair, Tarrant County Democratic Party. Has been chair for years. Does not appear to have any substantial grassroots support which will, of course, be essential in winning this race. From sources familiar with him, I've heard he's everything from 'wonderful' to 'an idiot' which is par for the course. He is focusing on whether or not Davis is, in fact, a Republican. Given her stance on transportation finance, that's not hard to understand. Yeah, Wendy, that's how bad it is.
  • Terri Moore - Currently, ADA for Dallas County but lives in the district. Well liked and respected by a wide range of folks in Tarrant County. Not sure of stands on issues, but people seem sure she would be the best candidate given her intelligence and status as a prosecuting attorney. Is the one potential candidate that has not announced a run. May have to be dragged kicking and screaming which apparently some North Texas folks are willing to do if it's necessary to get her to run.
  • Of course, it's still early and I'm sure we'll hear more in endless candidate forums and tedious press hits. However, this is appears to be how things stand now...anyone with some more information in North Texas care to chime in?

    Posted by mcblogger at September 22, 2007 12:45 PM

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