September 19, 2007

Right Wing Hypocritical Horseshit

You may have noticed that rightwingers in general are a bunch of angry mofos. The latest thing that's given them the vapors is an ad run by the liberal political group
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How awful of those nasty liberals to pun on their cuddly general's name! Democrats simply must damn MoveOn to hell or be exposed as the troop-hating terrorist sympathisers all good viewers of Fox News already know they are!

Frankly, I thought MoveOn's name calling was pretty childish, something I'd expect from a sixth grader. MoveOn would have been better advised to tag Petraous with what his boss, CENTCOM Commander Admiral William Fallon, calls him: an ass-kissing little chickenshit.

There was a time when generalship involved waging and winning wars. Petraous, on the other hand, is on a marketing tour touting an extremely defective product, George W Bush's War, a war where that virtually everyone recognizes is an unwinnable disaster, and a strategy that consists of leaving the mess as a housewarming gift for Hillary Clinton when she arrives in January, 2009.

Succesful generals get to run for President. Ass-kissing chickenshits get to pretend that things are getting better in Iraq at the same time that American civilians in Iraq are being restricted to the Green Zone in Baghdad.

Posted by mayor mcsleaze at September 19, 2007 09:08 PM

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