September 09, 2007

Noriega : Out of context

On Sunday, RG Ratcliffe ran a piece that has been shopped around for a month by Watts campaign operative, Jason Stanford. In a speech written by Noriega's primary consultant, James Aldrete, he characterized SOME bloggers as being as divisive as Right Wing talk radio. We know this to be true because we feel the same way. Reading any of a number of national blogs like Michelle Malkin and The Red State, we can see the divisiveness from the right pouring in along with a helping of abuse and solution-free rhetoric. We also can not argue with his desire to call out Senator Cornyn for using divisive wedge issues that serve only to detract from the important issues the next Senator from Texas will have to face.

This is exactly why we are supporting Rick.

While Mr. Aldrete may not have defined the 'blogs' closely enough in the speech, we do know that was the intent, to talk about Cornyn's divisiveness and poor leadership. We honestly can't believe any reporter in the MSM would have been foolish enough to run with a story being pimped by a simple political operative who pretends that there's nothing to see in the story of the overwhelming silence of the pro-Watts online support.

It's no surprise the Watts campaign downplays the online outreach aspect of their campaign. Essentially, they have none. Simply a mechanism for releasing press releases on line through an 'online outreach coordinator' and a cadre of commenter's who can't even be bothered to write entire blogposts in support of a candidate.

Posted by mcblogger at September 9, 2007 08:21 PM

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