September 29, 2007

I love that Mitt Romney! He's the man for me!

Kay 'Margarita Madness' Granger has decided to support Mitt Romney. Which will go over well in North Texas which is majority Mormon.

Wait. No, it's not...

But after seeing Mr. Romney speak with business leaders a few weeks ago in Fort Worth, she realized he was the man for her, and she signed on as National Co-Chair of the Women for Mitt coalition.

Kay's a woman? No, she's a LADY. She should be National Co-Chair of the LADIES for Mitt coalition. Which makes me wonder, who is the other chair? Lindsay Lohan? Brittney (she does love our President)?

"I agreed with everything he said, in the order he said it," she said Tuesday morning at the Capitol -- first and foremost, fight the jihadists, and then focus on education and the economy.

Y'all will have to pardon Kay. For the last 6 years she's been under a rock or something while in Congress. Or maybe just on a really long bender. She doesn't realize that we've been 'fighting the jihadists' and ignoring everything else for the last 6 years. Well, at least up until January, 2007 when the Democrats finally took over and started getting as much done as they could with a bunch of obstinate Republicans in the way. Oh, and Kay... Where's Osama?

What Kay doesn't realize is that she's too stupid to actually fight the jihadists. They didn't read her book so they have no idea how fabulous America is. They did see her Killer Margarita recipe and used it. That's why, among all Americans, they hate Kay the most.

"When you put all the attributes together, Mitt Romney is the one I really think can serve us well, and really has a global perspective," Ms. Granger said, adding that she didn't want to merely add her name to an endorsement list. She wanted someone she wants to actively work hard to elect.

So watch for her in Iowa, New Hampshire and wherever else there are women voters in need of wooing. Which Kay will be doing in a smart looking skirt/blazer combo from some place sensible like Dillards. or Stein Mart. Let's just hope she doesn't try to woo them with those 'Killer Margaritas'.

It's pretty clear that Kay is angling for some kind of a post in what she (and she alone) thinks will be a Romney Administration. Here are some ideas:

Secretary of Noxious Cocktails

Commissioner on River Bottom Redevelopment

Deputy Secretary for Ritin' Buks

Presidential Fluffer

Seriously, Kay, Margaritas are tequila, lime and triple sec. It's really not hard to screw up. Which is what makes your ability to do so very perplexing. Either you have no taste receptors in your mouth or you're just really, really dumb.

Posted by mcblogger at September 29, 2007 11:28 AM

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