September 14, 2007

Little Patty Rose shopping for statewide

On September 9th, my birthday, the little fucker had the temerity to host a fundraiser. Oh, he didn't take people away from my event since no one who would come to my party likes Patty Rose. They'd rather eat their money than give it to the most unreliable state representative in the Lege. Seriously, he makes Kino Flores look positively trustworthy.

Apparently, his fundraiser didn't go so well...

Patrick Rose bought 1,500 barbecue dinners for his fundraiser at the Salt Lick this weekend and told the local newspaper that he had fallen one-third short of that goal when only 1,000 supporters attended.

It turns out that only 312 dinners were actually served.

Either Rose’s support base is majority Hays County Herbivore or the Salt Lick cuisine has gone way down hill since the last time we were there.

As if that wasn't enough, he didn't print the invites at a union shop which is the equivalent, to many Democratic voters, of setting their hair on fire. The good news in all this? There's at least one Democrat lining up to beat him. There will also be a Republican in the race, apparently. Which is funny since the Republicans have no chance of winning.

Seriously, those people in Hays may not care much for Patty but they sure as hell don't want a Republican.

Then this morning, someone over at BOR posted about a possible White/Rose 'dream team' in 2010. Someone in Houston needs to tell White that he's hitching his wagon to the wrong horse. Guilt by association is a motherfucking bitch.

Sure, redemption is possible, but it's going to have to be something incredible. Like parting the Gulf or raining tempura shrimp on Austin.

Posted by mcblogger at September 14, 2007 10:53 AM

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