September 19, 2007

HD 106 Flips...and and urgent plea to Harper-Brown and Nelson

BOR, FWST and DMN are all reporting that Rep. Kirk England, who first won a seat in the Texas House during a special election in March, 2006, has made the decision to run for re-election as a Democrat.

State Rep. Kirk England of Grand Prairie is switching to the Democratic Party, the first such switch by a Texas legislator in decades.

England, the son of longtime Republican and Grand Prairie Mayor Charles England, first won the seat representing District 106 in a special election in March 2006, after the retirement of state Rep. Ray Allen. The district includes most of Grand Prairie and south Irving.

"After one session in the House, I found that the Republican leadership in Austin had no tolerance for the values and priorities of the folks I represent," England said in a statement released Wednesday. "That is why [Thursday] at 10 a.m., I will announce my intention to seek re-election to the Texas House as a Democrat."

Theresa Huchingson, a spokeswoman for England, said England would explain his decision in greater detail at the news conference.

Other reasons given for the switch included CradDICK's horrendous halitosis and the constant threat of being consumed in a snacking frenzy by either Linda Harper-Brown or Jane Nelson. Which reminds me...

Dear Jane and Linda,

We think you should both lose weight. We're thinking if you do you'll have sex again and then you'll stop worrying so much about all the gays having sex. Oh and do something about that goddamn hair. BOTH OF YOU. Granted, this will be a mixed blessing since you'll live longer, too. But as long as that gets you to stop thinking about hot man on man action, we'll be OK with it. Just stay out of our way on MoPac.



Sorry about that... it's needed to be said for a while.

Welcome to the party, Kirk! Trust us... it's a hell of lot better inside the big tent!

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