August 15, 2007

Elaine vs. The Bloggers : like shit telling vomit it stinks

The editor of the San Antonio Current, Elaine Wolff, the one who has slammed Draft Rick Noriega in several columns in the past few weeks, failed to disclose, until this week, that her husband contributed $2,300 to Mikal Watts. Not necessarily a big deal for a spouse to donate to a candidate. It is a big deal when the other spouse works for a major metro alternative paper and takes it upon herself to trash the opposition.

Elaine didn't limit her integrity bypass to not disclosing this campaign contribution in the four previous articles she wrote about the Senate candidate, Mikal Watts (all which were mostly puff pieces and only pointed out the obvious negatives that any first time candidate has). She went after one of the other two candidates in the race, Rick Noriega. Wolff recently excoriated the blogosphere for supporting Noriega over Watts while 'pretending to maintain journalistic integrity'. Pretending? Doll, we post endorsements of ELECTED OFFICIALS FROM A GIANT WAX COCK. We've never made a claim to having any journalistic integrity. Of course, when WE support someone, we announce why and we disclose that up-fucking-front. Maybe, just maybe, we have some integrity. Certainly more than Elaine.

As if shilling for hubby's beloved wasn't enough, Elaine has taken to upbraiding staff (some of whom are now FOMRER SA Current staff) for 'attacking' her husband's candidate, Watts. Her failure to remove herself from the editorial loop concerning a race in which her family was involved ultimately led to discord among her staff and
one staffer--the one who made the initial discovery that Wolff's husband gave to Watts--ended up leaving the publication. Wolff never volunteered any information about her husband's associations with Watts before she posted on the bulletin boards of the SACurrent website last week. It was not information ever volunteered in her Current columns prior to last Friday.

Wolff also allegedly took another SAC staffer to task for writing a derogatory piece about Watts. Wolff's husband is a zoning commissioner in San Antonio where Watts is now a political force. Could his aspirations help explain why Elaine is so concerned with what is written about Mikal Watts? Though I have no political aspirations, maybe I should so try this tack with the writers here that either aren't supporting Noriega or have decided to support Watts.

Wolff has also allowed her husband to write pieces for the Current without disclosing that he is her husband or a political figure. Gee, we've never seen that happen, have we? What is it with Texas publications never fully disclosing information? Like the time we found out a commentator for the Star-Telegram shilling for toll roads wasn't so much an advocate, she was an interested party. Kind of like Elaine.

You still want to talk about your vaunted 'journalistic integrity', Elaine? If so, let's also throw honesty into the mix.

One last thing... we've not been mean to Watts, not the way we could be. Actually, none of bloggers who are supporting Noriega have been nearly as nasty as you've been toward us and the candidate we've chosen to support. That can rapidly change. Never pick a fight with someone meaner than you, Elaine.

Posted by mcblogger at August 15, 2007 09:14 AM

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AMEN!!! She sounds like such a "class act" just like the rest of the "who watts not ready for prime time players."

Posted by: refinish69 [TypeKey Profile Page] at August 15, 2007 11:38 AM

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