August 22, 2007

Edwards having trouble in Iowa

The WaPo has an article up about younger voters in Iowa turning to Clinton, Obama or even Guiliani instead of Edwards.

But Ocheskey, 28, is no longer enthralled with the candidate she supported last time: former senator John Edwards of North Carolina.

Instead, she's thrown him over for Sen. Barack Obama. "I decided right at the beginning of the campaign to support Barack Obama," said Ocheskey, a teacher in Des Moines.

Under a thin layer of smoke that hung at the diner ceiling as dishes clanked and her friends fell quiet to listen to the political conversation, Ocheskey poured out the reasons for her conversion, all of them pertaining to what she described as Obama's strengths and fresh appeal rather than Edwards's weaknesses.

This is bad news for Edwards who has held a lead in Iowa until recently. Now, according to multiple polls, the top three Democratic candidates are roughly polling equally, leaving virtually nothing for the second tier. Which I AM happy about because it's time for some of the lame-o's to go away.

You probably noticed I mentioned Guiliani... Here's the quote...

Now, (Wendy) Daniel said she is considering Obama, or maybe even former New York mayor Rudolph Giuliani, the current Republican front-runner in national polls. "But if Hillary gets up there, I won't vote for her," she said emphatically. "I don't like her 'stand-by-your-man kind of girl who rides on her husband's coattails just to become president' thing. Maybe if she would have gotten a divorce and done everything for herself I would have thought about it."

So you won't vote for someone who has worked hard to make her marriage work but you'll support a guy who divorced and abandoned his kids? You've got issues, Wendy.

I still like Edwards despite his retarded views on what needs to be done to fix the lending industry. Mostly because of all the leading D candidates, his ideas aren't as terrible. These morons never thought of actually talking to someone in the industry?

Posted by mcblogger at August 22, 2007 01:05 PM

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