August 03, 2007

CradDICK, the biggest DICK in Austin

Let's say you take over the job of someone who ostensibly like and respect. Let's say the company you work for wishes to honor your predecessor. Let's say you have control over that and decide to SHIT ALL OVER THE EVENT.

What would that make you? To me, that would make you a giant dick. And that's exactly what (soon to be ex-)Speaker CradDICK is for 86ing former Speaker Laney's bust revealing ceremony. Via Vince at Capitol Annex...

We all know that Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick (R-Midland) is less than ethical. Now, it seems he can’t even be polite.

Sources tell Capitol Annex that House Speaker Tom Craddick has refused to allow any ceremony for the unveiling of the bust of former House Speaker Pete Laney in the annex of the Texas Capitol.

Former Texas House Speakers including Gib Lewis and Billy Clayton have been honored by having their likenesses sculpted as bronze busts and placed in the capitol annex near the Capitol Cafeteria.

And, each of the past several speakers was invited to small unveiling ceremonies when their busts were dedicated.

Craddick has, however, refused to allow any honor for his predecessor.

According to Capitol Annex’s sources, Rep. Toby Goolsby (R-Dallas) approached Speaker Craddick about a ceremony for Laney. Craddick reportedly replied with only the word, “no.” Goolsby reportedly persisted and Craddick consented that the bust could be placed by the others but forbid any ceremony and allegedly forbid anyone who knew about the placement of the bust from letting anyone know about its arrival or inciting anything to be done to mark the occasion.

This is one of Craddick’s worst actions. It’s pure partisanship at its worst.

Regardless of party or personal differences, a former speaker of the Texas House should be given his due just like other speakers were. There is a precedent and it should be followed. Craddick, will no doubt expect the same when his bust is dedicated in a couple of years—after he is voted out of the Speaker’s chair in 2009

What IS it with the Republicans and their desire to shit all over the fine men and women who've served before them? I can't wait until CradDICK is a former Speaker. When his bust is revealed, I'm bringing a bag of dogshit to smear all over it.

What? You weren't thinking of doing the same thing?

Posted by mcblogger at August 3, 2007 08:51 AM

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