August 19, 2007

Apres Nelda, Le Deluge?

Who would have guessed that a race for Tax Assessor-Collector could turn so nasty so quickly? And who would have imagined that in a race between Nelda Wells-Spears and Glen Maxey it would be Nelda flinging most all the poo so far?

Of course, Wells-Spears has so far seemed above the fray, presumably spending her time going to church, visiting her grandchildren, and of course going to work every single day while sending her flying monkeys out to spread the slime. And slime it is. Why, to hear them tell it, if Maxey is elected taxes will cease to be collected, people will fall dead in the streets and civilization itself will be at risk. Who knows, even cats and dogs may start living together.

The latest flying monkey is none other than (Hayes County resident) Charles Soechting, who was head of the Texas Democratic Party when the brilliant decision was made to not bother recruiting any credible statewide candidates for the 2006 elections. He resigned as chair before the end of his term, handing over power to Boyd Richie in a backroom deal. Richie of course continued the strategy of pretending there was no statewide ticket, resulting in a sweep for Governor 39% and the rest of his minions on the same day republicans in the other forty-nine states of the Federal Union got their asses whipped. Soechting now has the unbelieveable gall to write a letter on Nelda's stationary:

Unfortunately, Glen Maxey says he's planning to run against Nelda in the primary next March. So now the Republicans are actively recruiting a candidate of their own in case Glenn (sic) wins our party's nomination. They are raising money and getting ready to turn what shouldn't even have been a race into an expensive campaign. The last thing they want is a partisan political consultant in charge of the county's voter rolls.

That's a pretty impressive paragraph there, isn't it? Soechting manages to play both the "Partisan" card and the "Political consultant" card while insinuating that somehow or other Maxey can't be trusted. Nice work for a carpetbagger.

Well, Chuck, here's what I have to say to you. Let's leave the Swiftboating to the Republicans, m'kay? And, rather than being frightened that the GOPers may be recruiting some sadsack candidate of their own, we Travis County Democrats feel like Colonel Sanders did while "recruiting" a chicken.

Posted by mayor mcsleaze at August 19, 2007 02:00 PM

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