July 16, 2007

The man without a country

Sister Ruth called a week or so ago to warn against falling asleep with CNN on. Apparently she woke up and there was President Poopyhead blathering away like he does to one of those crowds pre-screened to exclude anyone who might notice that the emperor is not only naked, but speaking gibberish to boot. It got me to wondering about what life is going to be like for Bush after that glorious day that three-quarters of America is longing for, the day he moves out of the White House. The day he no longer lives in the Potemkin village where he is universally loved, when he finally comes within shouting distance of those of us who've endured his reign like an eight-year bout of the stomach flu. Welcome back to the Reality-Based World, George!

Some presidents spend their retirements playing golf. Some continue in public service of one sort or another. America's original tyrant, George III descended into madness, went blind and deaf in his old age. Still nominally King of England, he lived on, unaware as Napoleon Bonaparte conquered most of Europe and lost it as well. What will the future hold for our King George? I like to think he'll end up like Howard Hughes did, holed up in a hotel room somewhere. Wearing Kleenex boxes over his shoes. A fridge full of mayonnaise jars of his own pee.

Posted by mayor mcsleaze at July 16, 2007 07:30 AM

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