July 02, 2007

Libby and the Way-Back Machine

So I'm watching this documentary film, "So Goes the Nation," last night about the 2004 election and i just get pissed off all over again about the apparently dominant mindset at that time. Then, of course, i stew about it all day today until the news of Libby's commuted sentence plops into the watery porcelain bowl of breaking national news. it got me to thinking, what if Scooter had been given his pass back in '04? With apologies to Letterman...

Top 10 reactions if Scooter Libby's sentence had been commuted in 2004:

10. "Good, we need Scooter out of jail so he can help keep us all safe
from Saddam Hussein destroying another landmark."

9. "Yea! Scooter's free! See how mad the Democrats are? I told you
they hate freedom."

8. "Yeah, I know, it's a profoundly treasonous offense that Libby
committed, but at least he's not a French-looking flip-flopper like
that John Kerry."

7. "Really? Well, 9-11 did change everything."

6. "Of course Bush pardoned him. It's Christian to forgive, and the
President is a fine Christian man."

5. "This really pisses me off. I'm going to write my Congressman here
in Texas about it...hey, wait, who is my congressman again? I lost
track because they keep redrawing the damn lines."

4. "Libby should take a vacation somewhere to celebrate. New Orleans
is always a lot of fun."

3. "Ever since that Diebold machine 'commuted' my vote for Kerry,
nothing surprises me anymore."

2. "Sure, I disagree with Libby intentionally endangering the
career and very life of an undercover public servant, but I like how he
did it so decisively. You know where he stands on the issue of undercover CIA identities."

1. "Today, a commuted sentence; tomorrow, the Medal of Freedom!"

Posted by hbalczak at July 2, 2007 07:33 PM

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