June 30, 2007

What's in a hand?

According to New York Magazine, more than likely your sexual orientation. The magazine has an exhaustive series on 'gayness' generally and more specifically on the genetic characteristics that differentiate gays and lesbians from heterosexuals (AKA, breeders). Here are a few characteristics found more often, for example, in gay men than in straight men:

1) Counterclockwise hair 'whorl'.
2) Being left handed
3) Index finger being longer than or as long as ring finger

Granted, none of these things are complete and total proof. For example, I know many left handed men who like to go downtown, if you know what I mean. Ewe. Straight boys are gross. However, if you have all three of these traits, send me an email and maybe we can meet for a drink, handsome!

The article delves into possible biological reasons for homosexuality as well as a cursory analysis of genetic underpinnings for homosexuality and the ethics of genetically engineering homosexuality away. The bottom line? We don't know enough and changing a child's genetics in utero is probably a bad idea. What if the purpose of homosexuality is to provide a break in certain genetic lines? What if homosexuals are in some way essential to humanity's survival as a species? What if the world becomes heterosexual only? Can you imagine the garish fashion and drab design??!?!

What those interviewed did seem to know is that the evidence all points to a genetic predisposition. Which is probably what Falwell recently found out when he finally met God. He probably also got reprimanded for pretending to talk to him all those years.

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