June 19, 2007

WH and RNC refuse to come clean on emails...

That's right! The emails they said didn't exist actually do. Not only that, but more people at the White House turn out to have had RNC accounts than was initially admitted.

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- E-mail records are missing for 51 of the 88 White House aides with Republican Party accounts, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee reported Monday.

The White House says the accounts were set up to keep political work separate from official business, but investigators concluded White House officials used the accounts to conduct official business in a way that circumvented the Watergate-era Presidential Records Act.

The 37 accounts the Republican National Committee did save include nearly 675,000 individual messages -- more than 140,000 of them from Karl Rove, President Bush's top political adviser.

"Whether intentionally or inadvertently, it appears that the RNC has destroyed a large volume of the e-mails of White House officials who used RNC e-mail accounts," the report states.

The committee found 88 officials who held GOP e-mail accounts; the White House had acknowledged 50.

So, the next question becomes, did Gonazales know? Of course... not only that, but when he gave the order to preserve WH communications, he didn't even enforce maintenance of the RNC accounts that were being used to skirt the law.

The committee found that although then-White House counsel Alberto Gonzales ordered presidential staff to preserve official e-mails from outside accounts, he failed to enforce that policy.

Ralston told investigators that Gonzales, now attorney general, knew Rove was using his party e-mail account for official business, "but took no action to preserve Mr. Rove's official communications," the report states.

And the Republicans wonder why no one trusts them? Even their attorney's are either stupid, criminal or some combo of the two.

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