June 05, 2007

The Children! Will No One Think Of The Children?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketAmong the interesting ephemera to emerge from the I Lewis Libby trial (Yes, Kay Bailey, perjury turns out to be a crime after all) is a collection of letters from the neoncon movers and shakers begging the judge to go easy on ol' Scoot Scoot.

One of the most touching is an appeal from the Beltway's Odd Couple, Reagan's literary fellatrix Mary Matalin and Democratic "strategist" James Carville.

I have seen what this trial has done to my own kids, just their reading about it. I cannot imagine the toll on Scooter and Harriet's young ones. Setting aside the pain of the Libby family, my girls just don't understand. They're old enough to intellectually comprehend the facts of the case but associating these "facts" wit "Mr. Scooter" remains a complete disconnect to them.

Mary! Your kids are what? Eight? What are they doing reading the Washington Post? Get 'em an X-Box before they grow up to be like you!

Posted by mayor mcsleaze at June 5, 2007 09:43 PM

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My kids were visibly upset too.

They were PISSED that they interrupted Sponge Bob Square Pants to announce Scooters sentence.

And Matlins kids should be RIDING a scooter, not reading about one!

Posted by: johncoby [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 6, 2007 07:06 AM

Matlin's kids should be RIDING a scooter, not reading about one!

Posted by: johncoby [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 6, 2007 07:07 AM

Isn't it about time we trade Carville to the republicans for a sane person to be named later

Posted by: Captain Kroc [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 6, 2007 09:04 AM

Heh. I saw that on Olbermann last night and wondered the same thing, as in WHAT IS WRONG with those children that they give a hoot about that trial? More like they're probably upset that Mommy yells and humiliates Daddy more than usual. Or does Mommy back them into the corner with her broom and force them to read the WaPost daily?

Posted by: cof [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 6, 2007 09:33 AM

I'm with Kroc... ditch Carville. Let him lead the revival of the liberal wing of the Republican Party.

Posted by: mcblogger [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 6, 2007 09:41 AM

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