June 09, 2007

Stop Cornyn goes live...

An enterprising group has put up StopCornyn, a blog dedicated to ridding Texans of their albatross of a Senator, John 'Zombie' Cornyn. I've been calling him Corpsyn for a while but The Mayor is all the time telling me to stop it. So I've decided to just call him what he most appears to be, a zombie. Do I really think that the junior Senator from Texas is a flesh-eating member of the living dead?

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PDiddie over at Brains and Eggs (which is, coincidentally, one of the grossest breakfasts in the world) has a Zombie greatest hits list up of all the retarded things the assclown has said over the years.

StopCornyn is not attached to any campaign and it's not part of the Democratic Party. Just a few well meaning Texans who aim to make sure that in January, 2009 there is a real Texan in the Senate not some whiny bitch.

Posted by mcblogger at June 9, 2007 01:05 AM

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