June 25, 2007

Speaking of assholes...

Well, it's that time of the election cycle that Ralph Nader starts to threaten to run for President if the Democrats don't nominiate someone to his liking. Of course, might ask who died and made St Ralph arbiter of progressive politics. A worthy question, since Nader has never been elected to anything, never bothered to run for any office he might conceivably win... hasn't even joined the Green Party, whose spot at the top of the ticket he assumes is his by divine right.

Some hold Nader responsible for Al Gore's 2000 defeat and the ensuing years of Bushite horror inflicted on the nation. However much blame Nader really deserves for that, his fans really should ask themselves just what Ralph has been doing for THEM lately.

What third parties can do is bring young people in, set standards on how to run a presidential election and keep the progressive agenda in front of the people.

In 2000, many people voted for Nader to help the Green Party gain regular ballot status, legitimising it as a left alternative to the Democrats. Since then, though the Greens have declined, breaking into warring sects in their disagreement over what 2000 had wrought and the way forward. In Texas, they've become irrelevant, unable to even gain write-in status for their 2006 gubernatorial candidate. When you can't have as much political clout as Kinky Friedman, it's time to consider another hobby.

Ralph Nader's vanity campaigns have caused both the nation and the movement he claims to support tremendous harm. It's high time he was set on an ice floe and cast adrift.

Posted by mayor mcsleaze at June 25, 2007 02:00 PM


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