June 07, 2007

So, you want to be in pictures?

No problem... just take out your dick, place it on a table and hit it with a hammer. Or listen to Johnny Knoxville, who will pay you more than $10 MILLION to put your dick in a mousetrap.

JACKASS star Johnny Knoxville is being sued over claims he talked an actor into putting his penis in a mousetrap. Perry Caravello wants £5million damages after the incident on a live radio show.

Caravel lo claims he was injured when the trap went off and needed medical treatment. And he says he was humiliated when a video of the prank appeared on the internet. Knoxville, 36, is renowned for sick stunts on his MTV show.

In court documents filed in Los Angeles, Caravello's lawyer said: "He was promised by Johnny Knoxville that he would be paid £5million if he placed his penis in a mousetrap. "He agreed to do so and, much to his emotional tranquility and physical harm, was severely injured when the trap went off. "The incident has been circulated on the internet to his prejudice and humiliation."

He is also suing DJ Adam Corolla and comedian Jimmy Kimmel, who were in the studio but did not stop the stunt.

Uhm... yeah. The I don't see Knoxville writing that check any time soon. Especially not when there are kids doing it for free.

No, I'm not posting the video of that dumbass. Sister Ruth and probably Mike Krusee would like it too much.

Posted by mcblogger at June 7, 2007 05:38 PM

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