June 28, 2007

Fucking hell I hate Dennis Kucinich

I'm watching the debate on PBS which is, as I thought it would be, LAMER THAN WATCHING MY HOUSEMATE'S DOG LICK THE CARPET. Kucinich was just on... I'd like to beat him up sometime. I really hate him. Sorry Kucinich fans, the guy is annoying, not altogether there and ugly as fucking hell.

I don't care to hear your thoughts on him. Please don't share them in the comments. Seriously, I feel that strongly about him. I want him out of the race because he's a fucktard. Here are the others who are POINTLESS:

Richardson - Fuckall, is there a way for him to NOT be condescending?

Biden - Two words, asshole... Bankruptcy Bill. If you don't drop out soon, the next time you're in Texas I'm going to put my foot up your ass. Then I'm going to send you a bill for the shoe.

Gravel - Actually, I'm liking his 'gruff old man/GET OFF MY LAWN, YOU ROTTEN KIDS' routine. I also like his plan to end the worthless War on Drugs. However, reality is a reality and no one wants to elect Grandpa Cranky.


Sorry, y'all, just had to get that off my chest.

Posted by mcblogger at June 28, 2007 08:54 PM

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You WATCHED the debate? What's the matter, batteries in the remote dead?

Posted by: Mayor McSleaze [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 29, 2007 10:25 AM

Wow, 2 comments, break out the champagne. You seem to have found your niche by calling people "fucktard", "ugly" and threatening to beat them up without once objecting to or discussing their ideas. Good luck with that and the whole "McDonald's" thing you've got going here.

Posted by: iburl [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 29, 2007 10:34 AM

No, and I wasn't even drunk. I think my brain fell out of my head yesterday while I was driving in that torrential downpour in SA.

Posted by: mcblogger [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 29, 2007 11:19 AM

I don't typically take a lot of time out of my day to discuss any of the unworkable ideas that come out of Kucinich. We're all the time discussing ideas... we just don't waste a lot of time on ineffectual people running to make an unknown point or satisfy their far-too-large egos.

But don't let that stop you from telling me more about his brill idea for the Dept. of Peace. Really.

Posted by: mcblogger [TypeKey Profile Page] at June 29, 2007 04:25 PM

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