April 20, 2007

Would someone turn off the Lampson?

Lampson, you unbelievable 'tard...

"It sickens me to know that I am a part of this body that would rather play politics rather than come up with the right kind of solution that this country can go forward with," he said. "This isn't a game of gotcha. This is real war, with real people dying every day."

Don't worry, Congressman. You probably won't be part of the 'body' much longer.

The problem I have with the D and R electeds in both chambers who are throwing a fit about the timeline is that they are STILL not seeing reality. Bush will keep troops there and try to put more in unless some kind of restraint is put in place. The American people are demanding it. Lampson claims this timetable is motivated by politics and it's just not true. It's motivated by an out of control executive who got us into a war based on doctored intelligence, hyperbole and, in some cases, outright lies.

In doing this Lampson is alienating not only his Democratic base but any Republicans he could have pulled who know damn well it's time to get the hell out of Iraq. I gotta hand it to whomever is running strategy for the Cogressman, they've found that difficult spot on policy where NO ONE IS HAPPY WITH THE POSITION.

Kuff's post on this summed up things rather well...

Look, it's very simple. George Bush is not going to do anything different in Iraq. His plan is to keep the troops there until he's out of office. The one thing he will never do on his own is begin a withdrawal of any kind. The only way to make that happen is to pass a law mandating troops withdrawals. There is no compromise here because he isn't going to budge. The only option to a "showdown" is to acquiesce to what he wants. I can't think of any good reason to do that, and as every national poll indicates, neither can a solid majority of Americans.

Kuff's always more diplomatic that I am, however on this we are in lock step agreement. Nick is looking for a compromise that does not exist. Like many foolish people, he is willing to give up his control over a situation in a vain attempt to compromise with someone who is thoroughly out of touch with reality. It would be nice if Lampson would realize that and another fact 'o' the day... that the best way to help the troops is to bring them the hell home.

And this is guy some want to run for Senate? Fuck a bunch of that. It's not like Nick would have a chance in Texas anyway... even against Corpsyn. Those of you living in CD 22 better start working on a primary challenger now, just in case Lampson does decide to run again in 22. If you want to be represented by a Democrat, you've really no other choice.

(while we do disagree completely with Congressman Lampson on this issue, we do wish him a speedy recovery...)

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