April 16, 2007

Voter ID...a shitty solution in search of a non-existent problem

As Vince over at Capitol Annex points out, there is a rumor floating around that the votes exist to bring down both of the Voter ID bills that are scheduled to hit the floor of the House Tuesday. However, the fact remains that the people who wrote these ridiculous bills should be shamed and ridiculed. In the case of the author of one of the bills, Rep. Betty Brown, Kelso's already taken a great first step, by pointing out some of the more absurd items one can use to prove your citizenship under Rep. Brown's bill...

Besides, who has most of this other stuff on hand anyway? What kind of a witch would you have had to be married to, to carry around your divorce decree in your pants? Also, what kind of nut brings both his divorce papers and his hunter's license to the polls? Do you really want to be standing near this walking barrel of chuckles when he lights the place up?

And how come some of these ID cards are judged to be twice as valuable as others? You can vote by showing your handgun permit. But if you show your fishing license, you have to show additional proof, like your sex change dossier.

Does this mean the bill considers packing heat twice as valuable as limiting out on bass?

The bottom line, as Kelso points out, is that the damn registration card should be all the proof you need. That's why we have the things.

It would be nice if the only retarded effort on the part of the Republicans was Betty's little bill (way to waste your constituents tax dollars, Betty. I'm thinking the folks in Kaufman and Henderson Counties have more important things for you to do, like increasing funding to education). However, it's not. Never one to be left out of a concerted effort to 'do little and look busy', Rep. Phil 'Burger' King has filed his own Let's-Screw-Up-The-Vote bill which makes drastic changes to the already cumbersome process of REGISTERING to vote. Which is exactly what you'd want to do in a DEMOCRACY.

So what's the rationale behind these bills? Is there more than one? Not really... unless you really think there are a massive number of Mexican nationals crossing the border and voting. If you do, then you're already pretty stupid and we can't help you other than to suggest euthanasia.

(HT to Keeping Terrell in the Loop for the Kelso find)

Posted by mcblogger at April 16, 2007 12:30 PM

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