April 06, 2007

Tolls : The 130 Tollway is sold and 39% can't stop spouting stupid

...well, 'leased' at any rate. Which is a bit like saying that someone who's dead is just 'napping until Christ returns to the Earth'. Good to know that while the Lege diddles around not accomplishing much of anything to fix transportation in Texas, TXDoT is moving full steam ahead with their horrendously ill-conceived privatization scheme.

Meanwhile, 39% and some lackey from the Bush Administration were wandering around talking about how badly Texas needs tollroads. What they failed to mention was that private tollroads are the worst possible solution to the problem of transportation finance (far more expensive for the taxpayer). Of course, it didn't really matter since no one pays attention to what 39% says. However, one would FOR ONCE like to see a reporter actually call him out regarding the fact that these private toll roads, advertised as an innovative way to finance roads, are in reality nothing more than CORPORATE WELFARE.

So, Republicans HATE welfare when it helps the poor but they love it when it helps incredibly wealthy corporations and squeezes the hell out of taxpayers.

“Our message today is that building needed infrastructure is essential to creating jobs and attracting economic development investments in Texas. And you can’t accomplish that with a two-year moratorium on needed road projects,” Perry said.

As if ANYONE needs a gimp like 39% to tell them that roads = jobs and economic growth. We all know that, you blow dried shitstain. I mean really, is there anyone left in the state who doesn't realize we need to start making a massive investment in infrastructure?

In the 1950's, when Eisenhower first got the Interstate Highway System approved, there was discussion about tolling it instead of financing it through taxes. That discussion mostly ended when the electeds realized tolls were too expensive. Only in today's environment of stupidity created by Republican leadership (a contradiction in terms if ever there was one) in Texas has this retarded idea found true believers.

We're watching. We're pissed. The more we learn about things and the more you try to talk it up the more agitated people get. 39%'s last two years in office are going to be brutal with a Democratic House undoing everything he's worked so hard to achieve. Hell, if things keep going this way, Democrats might even take back the Senate. Think it won't happen? Replay 2006 in your head.

Just wait. This is a good start, but the House version still needs to come out of Krusee's committee and then survive 39%'s veto.

Posted by mcblogger at April 6, 2007 10:05 AM

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