April 28, 2007

Dregs : NAIS-lite; Burka's advice; King loves some TXU and more

  • Somervell County Salon has a great post up about the Lege passing the 'NAIS-lite' (now with VOLUNTARY compliance!) as well as news from Hank that the fight continues for full repeal. How did this happen? How was strong, popular support for full repeal hampered? Let's just say all boats weren't sailing in the same direction. And it's the absolute LAST TIME I WILL EVER take FARFA seriously. You guys shot yourselves in the foot on this and caved to Patty Rose when there was no need.
  • What is it about Paul Burka that compels him to give advice to people? The wrong advice? Paul, hermano, we love you here. Seriously, you're a top notch reporter and one of the few who's really digging into the bullshit. However, your advice to Democrats is WAY WRONG.

    hope that cooler heads prevail. The anti-Craddicks have had their fun with Craddick's bill. It's time to grow up now. Do I have to bring up the name "Arlene Wohlgemuth?" Has everybody forgotten the Memorial Day massacre when she killed the calendar in the waning days of the session? Nobody thought that was OK. It was irresponsible then and it's irresponsible now. Dunnam and the rest of the Democrat leadership have been an effective opposition this session, but they will marginalize themselves if they become total obstructionists. This has been a session when Democrats have been able to participate as equals in committee and to influence bills, even pass them. Don't throw a hissy fit over not being allowed to kill the calendar.

    The 'obstructionist' label only works if there is a silence from the accused. In case you haven't noticed, the D's are running circles, when it comes to message, around the Republicans to whom no one is listening anyway. It's funny, but of all people I would have expected Burka to realize that the world is changing. Rapidly.

  • Rep. Phil 'Burger' King is all about hugs and kisses for TXU... so much so that he's making it easy for them to continue their price gouging in North Texas by watering down the House version of SB 483. Nice work, douchie!
  • Tenet's book comes out on Monday and it should be loads of fun watching him pound away, mostly on Rice and Cheney. Rice, for her part, is declining the subpoena issued by the House. I guess no one told her she can't quite do that. Dem's in Congress: Would y'all hurry up with the subpoena, cite her for contempt and impeach her worthless ass?
  • John McClelland is running for Dallas City Council. The DMN decided not to endorse him because he thinks the Trinity Toll Road is a wasteful project that's doomed to failure. He happens to be right and the DMN happens to be wrong (seriously, anyone keeping a running list on how often the DMN fucks up on policy?). Here's his response...
  • As part of the investigation into the firing of US Attorneys around the country, Congress is asking for emails sent by Karl Rove through an RNC server. What else might have been transmitted by Rove during this time? Possibly details on election fraud in Ohio

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