March 18, 2007

Seeing Pink

Unlike Sister Ruth, I don't get to sit on the sofa all day eating bonbons and watching C-SPAN. So I didn't get to watch Valerie Plame's testimony before a House committee on Friday and had to settle for the highlights reel on Olbermann that night. And what do I see in the background, jumping up everytime the camera is on Ms. Plame? It's one of those Code Pink nutzoids. Look at me! Look at me!

Okay, hon. We get your message. You don't like Bush. Now please sit down and behave like an adult. We just can't take you anywhere.

Honestly, if anyone watching the hearing had an epiphany and realized "You know, that George Bush guy is a real scumbag and he ought to be impeached!" is it more likely to have come about from Plame's testimony about the junta's vendetta against her and her husband, Joe WIlson or from seeing "Impeach Bush" written on a tshirt?

I know that there's a political current that is outraged that Congressional Democrats aren't already holding impeachment hearings. Well, show me your list of 67 Senators who are ready to vote to remove Bush from office and then we can talk. Until then...

When Nixon left office, those 67 votes existed. Nixon's political position had been steadily eroded by more than a year of hearings and investigations which had established a clear pattern of lawlessness, criminality, and obstruction of justice And it wasn't liberal political opinion that brought Nixon down, it was conservative and Republican. It was James J. Kilpatrick saying on 60 Minutes' Point/Counterpoint "Nixon is a dead mouse on the kitchen floor of America. The only question left is who is going to pick him up and throw him in the trash" that for me best exemplifies how completely isolated RMN had become.

We're a long way from a similar situation with Bush. The right wing and the republican party have been so heavily bolshevized over the last decade or so it's hard to imagine Bush's base deciding that he's more of a dangerous liabilty than an asset... but of course it was also hard to believe that an earlier president re-elected in a landslide would find himself driven from office less than two years later. Already it seems that various senators are unhappy about the way that the White House planned to cut them out of the loop in the US Attornies matter. Who dare predict what other turds will come to the surface as the doings of Bush, Rove and the rest of the gang are examined over the months to come?

Now, please do not misunderstand me. Nothing would make me happier than seeing Bush and the rest removed from office, put on trial, and punished for their crimes. But if impeachment is ever actually on the table, it will be because the Right put it there.

Posted by mayor mcsleaze at March 18, 2007 03:16 PM

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You make me laugh. I was thinking the same thing-she was too much of a distraction from Plame and you couldn't really read what her shirt said until she basically flashed the audience. I'm watching the Judiciary Committee hearing on NSA letters right now and Conyers stopped and said "The person standing in the back... SIT DOWN..or you will be asked to leave". Wonder if it was Pink.
I'd like to see Bush impeached but think it would take him running screaming naked down the street brandishing his secret vodka bottle and telling everyone he's a pedophile for that to happen-after all, the right has no problem with torture, illegal wiretapping, snooping into bank and medical records (unless they're corporate as in pretexting) or ignoring the law.

Posted by: cof [TypeKey Profile Page] at March 20, 2007 09:18 AM

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