March 06, 2007

Oh, don't have to act...

Coulter, we know you hate the gays. We get it and frankly we don't care. You don't have to make excuses... it's like getting mad at a dog for eating shit. It's their nature, just as it's your nature.

"'Faggot isn't offensive to gays; it has nothing to do with gays," Coulter said on "Hannity and Colmes" Monday night. "It's a schoolyard taunt meaning 'wuss,' and unless you're telling me that John Edwards is gay, it was not applied to a gay person."

Yes, Ann, it's like calling an African American a 'nigger'. THAT'S the equivalent. It's offensive as hell, you knew that and that's why you said it. 'Wuss' is a schoolyard taunt meaning 'wuss' but you didn't mean to imply that Edwards was weak. You meant to call him 'gay' using a word that you and everyone in your audience understood to mean 'gay' and 'effeminate' .

Don't try to hide it and quit making these convoluted and ridiculous excuses. Everyone knows you're a giant cunt and no one believes you anyway. We also think you're gross.

Posted by mcblogger at March 6, 2007 11:10 AM

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