March 28, 2007


We (meaning just me since everyone else was passed out) have decided to bring you a new feature for your reading enjoyment. It's because we're givers. Seriously, we're all the time giving things to people. Like headaches and the desire for a scotch and soda.

We're calling this Troll Time because it's a time for you, our viewers, to see what the trolls under the spell of TinaFish are doing.

  • First up, the House Republican Caucus (AKA, The Mongos) have themselves a blog. I know, you probably think McBlogger sets a new low in the blogging world (we don't have any standards... seriously, have you seen our Reader Guides?) but you should really wait to pass judgment until after you've seen the pitiful site the Republicans put up. I haven't seen anything this white since going to that Beach Boys concert (just.don't.ask).
  • The Denton YR's have a website up but no blog. Which is a pity since I know for sure they'd have something good posted about what a swell guy Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is. The pictures, much like those on The Mongo's site, make me think of mayonnaise. LOT'S OF BAD, KRAFT MAYONNAISE.
  • That's it for now! Have a goodun!

    Posted by mcblogger at March 28, 2007 01:03 AM

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