February 08, 2007

OH YEAH, that's why vouchers suck

Well, pro-voucher lobby day is over. No word yet on whether or not someone actually told Leininger to fuck off. I'd like to believe someone did, especially in light of his decision to abandon his voucher project in SA. That's really the point, isn't it? That a voucher program can throw kids out on the street while a public school can't.

Leininger's project always struck me as a little disingenuous considering that it was designed only to help a small portion of the student population in SA. If Leininger cares so much about the kids (and not about his own business interests) wouldn't he be doing everything he could to make sure that public schools were well funded?

Isn't it time we stopped talking about useless, wasteful projects like vouchers and started talking about really providing the support to public schools that they deserve? It's obvious that more money equals a better education (what, you thought private schools were cheap?), so why don't we talk about funding public schools?

We're all waiting Republicans. We know y'all are the hold up on all this. It sure as hell isn't the Democrats. Oh and would someone tell John Stossel that until he has something more than anecdotal bullshit he should really keep his ass out of the debate? Also, let him know that 'stache is doing nothing for him, except making him look like a nasty leather daddy.

Posted by mcblogger at February 8, 2007 04:02 PM

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