January 09, 2007

Profiles in Cowardice, Texas House Edition

OK, here's the recap. Geren's Amendment for a secret ballot (that would have been revealed after committee assignments) failed by 80-68 with the CradDICKHEAD Democrats (or, as The Mayor has begun calling them, the Iscariot Caucus) making the difference. With that, Merritt's Amendment went down in flames and shortly thereafter Pitts withdrew so as not to force any of his pledges to commit certain suicide.

You're kind of a gimp, Pitts, but honorable at least. That bit about letting 'the healing begin', though, was class A pussy. I haven't heard that kind of chickenshit weakness since Brian (#3) was in my life.

K-T has the Iscariot Caucus named...

1. Joe Deshotel (512) 463-0662
2. Kino Flores (512) 463-0704
3. Ryan Guillen (512) 463-0416
4. Aaron Pena (512) 463-0426
5. Helen Giddings (512) 463-0953
6. Sylvester Turner (512) 463-0554
7. Dawnna Dukes (512) 463-0506
8. Ruth Jones McClendon (512) 463-0708
9. Norma Chavez (512) 463-0622
10. Patrick Rose (512) 463-0647
11. Kevin Bailey (512) 463-0924
12. Tracy King (512) 463-0194
13. Robert Puente (512) 463-0452
14. Harold Dutton (512) 463-0510

One wonders of what their 30 pieces of silver will consist... the med school in El Paso for Chavez? A tollway for Pena? A pair of lifts for Patrick Rose (who, by the way, wins the contest for who can suck up most... it takes a brave man, Patrick, to actually blow the Speaker on the floor during your seconding speech)? Another useless title for Sylvester Turner and Dawnna?

The bottom line is that those who considered this a largely irrelevant vote are wrong. This was hugely relevant because CradDICK has been the prime mover on a lot of bad work and harmful legislation. From redistricting to killing ethics bills, CradDICK has been the one who made things happen. A vote for him was a vote for pulling kids off CHIP, for selling off public infrastructure, for privatizing our state services and wasting tax dollars, for unfair taxation, for poor funding of education, for screwing teachers.

I'm not the type of Democrat who demands elected officials agree with me 100%. However, I do expect them to do what's best for Texas and their constituents. Some members of our party failed that test today. I expected the overwhelming majority of Republicans to fail it, but the Craddickcrats were extremely disappointing.

Would Pitts have been better? From talking to those who know him, yes. Unfortunately, we'll never know because a sliver of Democrats voted with the majority of Republicans and fucked the state of Texas for the next two years.

For those Republican who hung with Pitts until the very end... my thanks. To those Democrats who held their noses while voting for Pitts... my eternal gratitude. All of you did what was right for your state when you crossed party lines to work together.

The rest of you can clean my ass with your tongue after I've taken a nasty shit.

(Muse and Annatopia both have up excellent wraps of their own...)

Posted by mcblogger at January 9, 2007 09:34 PM

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